Selling New Homes Overseas
We work with developers who are building new homes abroad, and looking to sell them off plan, before they are built. Read on for more information.

Selling New Homes Abroad - before they are built...

At iCreate we specialise in helping developers from all over the world sell new buildings 'off plan'. In a competitive market, successful developments are those that understand the importance of their visual marketing materials, which need to be top quality to meet the expectations of modern buyers. Sketchy artists' impressions and architects' floor plans are no longer enough to secure the interest of potential buyers, who need more information to make a decision to buy.

We believe that 3D visualisations and computer-generated virtual tours are a powerful way to inspire confidence in new buyers, because they provide tangible information and help people to understand the reality of a new scheme. Our visualisations are highly realistic, and not only provide an accurate and detailed vision of the completed development, but also evoke a sense of the lifestyle and ambience that buyers will aspire to.

Ideal for Property Launches and Exhibitions

3D walkthoughs are a great way to attract visitors to your stand at property exhibitions, and are also ideal for sending out to your prospects on DVD. We can also produce professional brochures, websites and presentations - everything you need to win the confidence of your buyers.

We work with developers building property all over the world, from our studio in South Wales. Our clients simply send us their files over the internet (or on disk), and we send back attractive, realistic visualizations, often within the tightest of deadlines.

3D Walkthroughs of each House or Apartment type

Take your buyers on a ‘virtual viewing’ – a full walk-through of their new home, into every room and around the garden, so they can really see all the benefits on offer. Our fully-furnished ‘virtual show homes’ are the perfect way to let buyers experience a new home before it’s built, giving them the confidence they need to buy off plan.

Using the architectural plans, we build an accurate and detailed virtual model of the house, inside and out, including the garden, parking areas, and every internal space. You will need to provide us with a detailed internal specification, so we know what every detail of the home should look like, plus guidance on the style of interior décor you want to see. Kitchens and bathrooms are modeled from your plans, so they meet your exact specification.

Static Images of the Exterior of the Homes and Site

When selling new properties off plan, you need to generate excitement, interest and confidence in your development as early as possible.

We will construct an accurate and detailed 3D model of the overseas development, using your CAD drawings as reference.

Please supply information on the surface materials and external landscaping so we can ensure the model provides a correct and reliable impression of the completed development.

We will deliver a set of high-resolution static images from a variety of viewpoints around the building.

This could include photomontage views to show the new development in the context of its surroundings – a great way to help potential buyers see how it will fit in to the neighbourhood.

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