Property Marketing for Residential Developers
We specialise in helping house builders and estate agents promote new developments before they're built. See below for our innovative property marketing solutions

New Homes Marketing for Developers and Estate Agents

When selling new properties ‘off plan’, it is crucial to inspire confidence and trust in potential buyers - particularly when there may be a considerable passing of time between buyers making their purchase, and final completion of the homes.

We believe that 3D computer-generated virtual tools are a powerful way of achieving this, because they provide tangible information and help people to understand the reality of a scheme. Our virtual tours are highly realistic and evocative, and not only provide an accurate and detailed vision of the completed homes, but also a sense of the lifestyle and ambience that buyers will aspire to.

Equipped with credible and informative renderings and animations, the task of selling ‘off plan’ will be made significantly easier. Potential buyers will no longer be asked to imagine what their dream home will be like; instead, you’ll be able to show them the finished vision, so that they really understand all the benefits of what is on offer.

Bespoke 3D Floor Plans

Using your architect’s drawings, we will create accurate and detailed 3D Floor Plans for each of your homes. Our 3D Floor Plans are fully-furnished according to your specification, and can include as much detail as you wish.

Potential buyers are able to understand the size and layout of the home at a glance, and can really see how the space will work for them.

Attractive and informative, these ‘Doll’s House’ views are an appealing way to show off a new home and are ideal for use in brochures and websites.

Static Images of each House or Block

We will create an accurate and detailed 3D model of each home, using the architect’s drawings as our reference, along with your instructions about surface materials and external landscaping. We will position the home in its plot, and add lifelike trees, planting, people and cars to bring the scene to life. The advantage of 3D visualisation is the comparative ease of making amendments to the model and changes to the materials, ensuring the model is totally accurate.

Once the model is complete, we will position the camera at the optimum view to create an attractive and realistic rendering of the home. Ideal for use in brochures, websites, site signage, and hoardings, 3D renderings provide buyers with a reliable impression of the completed home.

Static Images of Site

Using your site plan, topographical survey and landscaping plan, we will create a detailed and realistic 3D model of the development site.

All shared road ways, driveways and all hard and soft landscaping will be included in the model, so that the images provide a realistic and accurate impression of the completed site.

This service is offered as an ‘add on’ to Option 2; having created 3D models of each house or block type, we will now position these on the site in order to generate ‘street scene’ images and aerial views of the overall development.

Static Images of Interior Spaces

We can create highly realistic and attractive interior renderings of new homes so buyers can understand all the benefits of an internal space.

Using your kitchen or bathroom plans, and other reference material about your preferred style of interior décor, we will create fully-furnished, detailed 3D renderings of key areas within a home.

Our renderings not only provide information on the size and shape of rooms, but also evoke a sense of the lifestyle and ambience that buyers will aspire to. Ideal for use in sales brochures, our images capture the imagination of potential buyers and give them the confidence to buy off plan.

Fly-Throughs of each House Type (Exterior and Interior)

Still images can never provide a complete picture of what a development will be like when it's finished. Our fully-furnished 3D fly-throughs will allow your viewers to travel around a new home and see it from every angle.

A journey of discovery will take them around the exterior of the property, and then into each room, highlighting all the best features of the home and often replacing the need for a real-world ‘show home’.

Our fly-throughs are published on DVD for sending out with the sales brochure, and can also be compressed for viewing on websites or inclusion in presentations.

Fly-throughs are the most powerful sales tool there is, capturing the imagination of buyers and enabling them to explore a new home from the comfort of their living room.

Fly-throughs are also ideal for display in the Sales Office, for screening at the Property Launch and for grabbing peoples’ attention at exhibitions.

Fly-Around of Site (Exterior Only)

Alongside internal fly-throughs of each home, a fly-around of the site will enable potential buyers to get a feel for the development as a whole.

All shared road ways, driveways and all hard and soft landscaping will be included in the model, so that the fly-around provides a realistic and accurate impression of the completed site.

This service is offered as an ‘add on’ to Option 2 or Option 5; having created 3D models of each house or block type, we will now position these on the site in order to generate a fly-around virtual tour of the overall development.

Our site fly-arounds are published on Interactive DVD, enabling the user to click on the house-type they wish to view, or take a site tour, from the comfort of their living room.

We will also create an interactive web version of the site fly-around to link to your website.

Property Sales Brochure Design

We will design a stylish and professional sales brochure for your development, featuring our detailed 3D images of the homes and site, plus photographs, dimensions, the specification and all other sales information. We can create a professional ‘corporate identity’ for the development, or work with your existing logo and colour scheme, to ensure your marketing materials form part of a credible and cohesive package.

Our brochures are printed on the highest quality stock, and will provide your buyers with all the information they need whilst also giving them confidence in the development and in your business. We will manage printing of the sales brochure. Please advise us how many copies you will require so we can source quotes.

Property Marketing Website Design

Our interactive websites are designed to display your development in a professional and attractive way, enabling users to access images and fly-throughs online, and submit enquiries directly to you or your agent. We offer a search-engine optimisation service to ensure your website gets indexed properly by Google, MSN and Yahoo Search, and we also guarantee to provide ongoing site updates within 48 hours of your request.

We will also register the required website domains for the business, and arrange hosting on our own web server. The cost of these services for one year is included in this proposal. In addition, we will set up email addresses for the key members of the team.

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