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Interactive 3D Walkthroughs - A Revolution in Virtual Reality

iCreate is pioneering a new approach to property marketing 3D walkthroughs, with the launch of the iViewer. The iViewer is a solution for delivering interactive virtual worlds, turning 3D models into applications that users can play with in 3D space.

Traditional 3D walkthroughs and flythroughs are a fundamentally passive experience, where the user click 'play' and then sits back to watch. Interactive walkthroughs give control back to the user, enabling them to navigate around the 3D model in 'real time', using their mouse, keyboard, joystick or touch-screen display.

Users can zoom in on areas they particularly wish to see, rotate to see spaces from whichever angle they choose, and click on interactive elements to explore further or access supplementary information.

Until now, interactive applications have been limited, because it simply was not possible to achieve a high enough level of realism using 'real time' rendering techniques. But, thanks to recent advances in technology, and using similar technology to high end computer games, the iViewer delivers interactive environments that have all the quality credentials of traditional DVD-style walkthroughs, but in a 'real time' environment.

Find out more about the iViewer from iCreate and download a demo project.

Promoting Leisure Destinations

Make your hotel, theme park or leisure destination available for visitors to explore online before they arrive, with an interactive iViewer module embedded in your website. Users will be able to explore the virtual model and fully understand all the benefits on offer, giving them the confidence to visit or make a booking.

Wayfinding for the 21st Century

Urban environments can be made more accessible, with an interactive wayfinding system installed on touchscreen kiosks around town. Visitors and residents will be able to find their way and locate the facilities they require, while enjoying the experience of roaming around in virtual reality, over the web or from kiosks on the street.

Selling New Homes Off Plan

Take your buyers on a virtual viewing around a new home before it's built, with an interactive virtual show home and site model. Potential buyers will be able to explore every room in detail, and even see what the property would look like with different décor or kitchen finishes, as well as seeing the views from the windows.

Masterplanning, Regeneration & Design

Enable planning officers and other key decision-makers to understand the reality of a new scheme, with an interactive 3D masterplan model. Show the virtual model from any viewpoint and explore it in the context of the surrounding landscape - the ideal presentation tool to support your planning application.

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