Interactive Maps and 3D City Models : Bringing Towns & Cities to Life in Virtual Reality
3D Interactive Maps use revolutionary interactive 3D technology to bring places to life, enabling you to present, navigate and explore in virtual reality.

3D Interactive Maps and Virtual City Models - Explore, Navigate, Present...

3D Interactive Maps are a powerful visual tool to communicate locations effectively, enabling users to navigate their way around a detailed and realistic 3D model.

Interactive Maps can be used as way-finding tools for town and city centres, delivered over the web or via interactive street kiosks, enabling visitors and residents to locate the places they wish to visit and find out how to get there.

3D Interactive Maps provide a clear and compelling overview of the town or cityscape, which can be viewed from any aerial position, with a variety of interactive overlays to highlight key features or facilities. Users are then able to rotate the virtual city in 3D space, and zoom in to the area they wish to explore in more detail.

As a promotional tool for attractive tourism, as a way-finding system, and as a information resource about future development and regeneration, interactive 3D maps offer fantastic potential to local councils, developers and planners.

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Useful in So Many Ways...

To create a 3D Interactive Map, we will build up a virtual 3D model of the location in our 3D software, adding as much detail and realism as required - right down to individual shop fronts, people and trees. Having developed this accurate 3D model, our programmers will start work on implementing the Interactive Map.

But this virtual 3D city model is useful in so many ways - no just for the Interactive Map. We can use the same 3D model to produce flythrough animations of the location for presentations and guided tours as well as still images of key locations for use in printed materials and signage.

A Constantly Evolving Visual Tool...

The 3D city model can also evolve over time, as the location evolves, with new buildings or places being added to the model to ensure it remains up-to-date and accurate. This also means the model becomes a useful tool for urban planners, who will be able to use it to visualise proposed developments in the context of the existing location, and to inform their decision-making process.

3D City Models can also be uploaded to Google Earth, so that your location, town or city is shown in 3D when people browse to it using this powerful online tool. The possibilities really are endless.

Take the First Step...

If you're interested in exploring innovative solutions to communicate and navigate the uniqueness of your town, city or other location, call Dawn today to discuss our 3D Interactive Maps and 3D City Models. We have offices in Wales and London, but will be pleased to come and see you, wherever you're located.
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A Welsh Case Study...

Councillor Chris Holley, Leader of Swansea Council, agrees that 3D pre-visualisation made all the difference when the Council and the Welsh Assembly Government were launching the Swansea City Centre Strategic Framework. “Working closely with iCreate, we were able to communicate our vision for Swansea over the next 15-20 years, showing how the key sites could look if they were re-developed in line with our strategy... When people can see what the City Centre could look like, they are more enthusiastic about the future of Swansea."

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