Interactive 3D Walkthroughs - User-Navigated Virtual Tours for websites and PCs
Explore new buildings and destinations in virtual reality, using realtime 3D applications. Users can interact with the virtual 3D model and move around it however they wish.

Interactive 3D Virtual Tours

Until now, virtual tours and 3D walkthroughs have been linear ‘movie’ experiences, where the viewer hits ‘play’ and then sits back to watch the action unfold.

Thanks to exciting advances in virtual reality technology, it’s now possible to create truly interactive 3D virtual models that viewers can explore as they wish, using a mouse, keyboard, rollerball or touchscreen display, via the web, on CD-rom, or through interactive kiosks.

These virtual worlds are highly realistic, with advanced lighting and rendering effects, using similar technology to high-end computer gaming, and giving users complete control over their virtual environments.

Our truly interactive solution revolutionizes the options for presenting all kinds of property, from commercial developments to residential properties; and from intimate interior spaces to full cityscapes.

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A Powerful Design Tool and Planning Aid

Proposed developments can be modeled in 3D using the CAD drawings as reference, and then published using interactive 3D technology. Planning officers can therefore be provided with an .exe file of the development model, which they can interact with – rotate, manipulate, zoom in and out, view from all angles, change materials, view at different times of day etc. The virtual model provides an accurate and detailed impression of the proposed development in the context of its surroundings, enabling developers and architects to communicate effectively with colleagues, investors and other decision-makers.

Ideal for Selling New Homes Off Plan

Ideal for use in property sales offices and exhibitions, Interactive 3D Walkthroughs give control back to your sales people, or to potential buyers themselves, allowing anyone to explore new buildings from every angle, and choose exactly what they want to look at. Agents can show potential buyers around the exterior and interior of a new home, enabling buyers to view the different styles of kitchens available, see the home with alternative furniture layouts, flooring and colour schemes, appreciate the views from the windows and visit each area of the home at will, giving them all the information and confidence to buy ‘off plan’.

Promoting Tourism & Leisure Destinations

Hotels and leisure destinations can publish a virtual model of their facilities on their websites, and on CD-rom, for visitors to explore before they arrive, helping to generate interest, excitement and confidence in potential guests. Buildings and destinations can be recreated to the highest level of detail and realism, inside and out, to offer a genuine impression of the ambience and space, complete with sound and lighting effects. Ideal for shopping malls, hotels and theme parks, Interactive Virtual Tours enable owners to promote their facilities to a truly global audience.

Interactive Maps and Virtual Cities

3D Virtual Cities are a powerful visual tool to communicate locations effectively, enabling visitors and residents to locate and explore the places they wish to visit. 3D Interactive Maps provide a clear and compelling overview of the town or cityscape, which can be viewed from any aerial position, with a variety of interactive overlays to highlight key features or facilities. Ideal for use as a promotional tool for attracting tourism, as a way-finding system, or as an information resource about future development and regeneration.

Highly Realistic and Fully Interactive

The virtual models are highly realistic, using advanced lighting techniques and photorealistic materials to provide a clear impression of the completed properties, while also creating a sense of the ambience and feel of each space.

We are not talking about the blocky, unattractive 3D models associated with older technologies. This solution enables us to deliver photorealistic graphics with the quality credentials of ‘pre-rendered’ graphics, in a ‘real-time’ environment.

We can supply the completed model in a number of formats to meet your requirements, including a web-ready version for inclusion on your website, a CD-rom version for installation onto any PC, and a pre-installed touchscreen kiosk for use in exhibitions and sales offices.

In addition to providing the Interactive Virtual Model, we can also deliver a more traditional ‘movie style’ DVD virtual tour of the property, complete with music and voiceover if appropriate, so that users can choose to sit back and watch the tour unfold if they prefer.

In addition, we provide a full set of high resolution static images for use across a wide range of materials. These visuals are produced from the same virtual 3D model, meaning there is no need for any duplication of effort.

If you're interested in exploring how interactive realtime virtual tours could work for you, call us to discuss the potential. Phone us on 0845 867 9849 or contact us.

Find out more about the iViewer from iCreate

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