3D Topographical Terrain Models : Show New Developments in Context.
If you need to present a new development to key decision-makers, a 3D model of the surrounding landscape could help!

3D Terrain Models using Height Data and High Resolution Aerial Photography

At iCreate we are pioneering a new approach to 3D architectural visualisation. By sourcing detailed satellite topographical data and high resolution aerial photography, we are able to create an accurate 3D model of the terrain surrounding your proposed new development.

This model can be as extensive as required - just the immediate 250 metres-square, or several kilometres of surrounding landscape.

This means that your proposed new development can be shown in its context for the purpose of reliable aerial views and 'helicopter-style' flyaround animations.

The fact that the topography of the surrounding landscape is accurately represented has other benefits, enabling Planning Officers to view the development in relation to surrounding hills and valleys and other features on the landscape.

Working Effectively with Architects and In-House 3D Teams

Combined with our accurate and detailed 3D models of your CAD drawings, this solution is an incredibly powerful presentation tool. We also work with architects who wish to use an accurate terrain model to inform their architectural design process, and we are happy to deliver the 3D terrain model file in SketchUp or ArchiCAD formats for you to work with in-house.

For more information and a fixed-price quotation, call Dawn now on 0845 867 9849. We will be delighted to discuss your project and help you decide how best to proceed!

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