3D Architectural Visualisation for Architects and Planning Consultants
If you need to present a new development to key decision-makers, and want to communicate the scheme to its best advantage, 3D visualisation is a powerful tool.

Over 90% of our clients projects secured planning permission in 2008!

It's true... Reviewing last year's projects has shown that where our images are submitted in support of planning applications, our clients successfully secure planning in over 90% of cases. OK, so we're not taking all the credit…! But we think our photorealistic, accurate and reliable 3D visualisations really do help Planning Officers make good decisions.

Architects' drawings are often highly complex, and can be difficult for Planning officers to interpret. At iCreate, we have a proven track record helping developers get through tricky Planning negotiations. Equipped with reliable photomontages and 3D images of the building, Planning committees are at last able to make decisions based on more than just a hazy interpretation of the plans.

As a result, our clients find that planning committee decisions are better informed, their conclusions are reached more quickly, and their feedback is clearer and more constructive. Planning departments are also increasingly keen to see CGIs submitted as part of Planning applications.

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Working Effectively with Planners, Architects and Developers

3D Modelling - Working from your architectural drawings, we will create an accurate and detailed 3D model of the exterior of the new building, including realistic surface materials and hard and soft landscaping. Having constructed the 3D model, we can generate images and animations of the building from as many viewpoints as you require. If it's not enough to have renderings of the new building on its own, we can also provide seamless photomontages to show the development in its real context (see below).

Photomontages - Photomontage involves merging a photograph with a computer generated image (CGI) to create a perspective that shows a new building in the context of its surroundings. We begin by creating a 3D model of the building from the CAD drawings as described above, and outputting a CGI of the building from the right camera angle to match the base photograph of the existing site . We then overlay the CGI onto the photo to create a seamless photomontage view that helps Planning committees, and others, to understand how the proposed development will impact upon its surroundings.

Interactive 3D Models using the iViewer - iCreate has developed exciting new technology that enables us to publish 3D models in an interactive format, meaning that the end user can navigate around the model in 3D space and view it from any angle, with no special hardware or software required. This is an immensely powerful presentation tool when it comes to negotiations with Planning Officers and presenting schemes for public consultation. By giving the end-user control of their viewing experience, they are able to access the information they require and have confidence that the 3D model is accurate and reliable.
For more information about our interactive 3D solutions, click here.

3D Floor Plans - Our 3D Floor Plans are fully-furnished according to your specification, and can include as much detail as you wish. Potential buyers are able to understand the size and layout of the home at a glance, and can really see how the space will work for them. Attractive and informative, these ‘Doll’s House’ views are an appealing way to show off a new home and are ideal for use in brochures and websites.

Animated Computer Generated Fythroughs - Sometimes static CGIs are not enough, and a project calls for a flythrough animation to really show off the new development. Having constructed an accurate virtual model of the property, we will create a camera-path around the building, to include all key features and provide a complete picture of the site.

For more information and a fixed-price quotation, call Dawn or Phoebe on 0207 099 0447. We will be delighted to discuss your project and help you decide how best to proceed with the project!

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