3D Images of Property & Architecture

Whether you need images of a proposed new development for presentation purposes, a planning application or for marketing 'off plan', iCreate has the experience and expertise to turn your drawings into a compelling vision of the future.  We work from your architectural plans (where available), adding lifelike materials and landscaping to create photorealistic imagery that will sell your proposals to key audiences.

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3D Architectural Renderings
iCreate is one of the UK's leading architectural rendering companies, providing 3D architectural visualisation services to development companies in the UK and globally. Working from your architectural drawings, we create photorealistic 3D renderings from your chosen viewpoints, for planning and marketing purposes.
Exterior CGIs
Our property marketing team has a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to creating CGIs to sell new homes off plan. Working from your architectural drawings and plans, we'll produce vibrant, photorealistic CGI renderings that show exactly what a new building will look like before it's built, inspiring confidence in your potential buyers from the outset.
Bespoke Interior CGIs
We regularly work with interior designers and fit-out companies to provide lifelike CGI visualisations of your interior concepts, bringing the vision to life for your clients. We typically require CAD drawings of the interior space with furniture layouts, plus 'mood boards' or photos to tell us what the finishes and details should be.
Regeneration and Masterplans
If you need to present a vision of how your area could look in five, ten or twenty years time, our visual concepts and 3D masterplans will help you do just that. Over the past ten years, iCreate has been working with local authorities, regeneration agencies and urban scale developers throughout the UK and around the world.
Photomontages for Planning
Photomontage involves merging a photograph with a computer generated image (CGI) to create a perspective that shows a new building in the context of its surroundings. We begin by creating a 3D model of the development from the CAD drawings, which is then merged with the base photos to create seamless results. We can also provide Visually Verified Montages, or VVMs.
3D Floor Plans
3D floor plans are a powerful presentation tool, created from your 2D floor plans, and providing a clear overview of the interior. We can use items from our extensive libraries to furnish your floorplans, or we can take a bespoke approach so each floor plan can be relied upon to show your specified furniture layouts and finishes.