Make an Impact at Events and Exhibitions
with an Interactive Application on a Specialized Display Solution

If you're preparing for an event or exhibition, or fitting out a high end sales suite, we can help you identify the most effective way to engage your audiences.  We'll develop a bespoke interactive presentation, for whatever type or size of display you have in mind.  We regularly work with specialist hardware partners who are able to provide the very best in large format, touchscreen and video wall displays.

  • Step 1 - we build a realistic, detailed, fully rendered 3D environment.
  • Step 2 - we embed highlights, pop-up labels and information for training or marketing purposes.
  • Step 3 - we publish an interactive application designed for touchscreen, augmented reality or other specialized display.
  • Step 4 - your stand draws a crowd, your sales suite has a genuine wow factor, and your users get a truly unique 3D experience.

Our Augmented Reality applications - new for 2013 - are perfect for location-based content, training applications and amazing marketing presentations. 

Watch the video to see how it works.  Your audience downloads your app, then simply points their device (smart phone or tablet) at a specific object or viewpoint to see the virtual reality 3D model overlaid onto the real scene. We've got lots of creative ideas for using augmented reality presentations in new and exciting ways to market and present new developments... we're sure you have too!  Talk to us today to get things started.

We'll help you identify the perfect display solution - whatever content you need to present:

  • Specialist training software built around an interactive 3D environment
  • Dynamic interactive presentations for meetings and events
  • Advanced property marketing presentations
  • Interactive 3D Masterplans and Maps
  • Interactive walkthroughs and virtual tours of new buildings

Our approach is completely bespoke to the needs of each project, and we work with all types of business and organisation.  If you're looking for a flexible, visual way to present your information, we'd love to discuss some ideas.  And by choosing iCreate, you'll not only be able to impress your audiences with a bespoke large format display, but we'll also develop an app for iOS and Android devices, and publish a fully-featured desktop application.

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