Interactive 3D Site Plans 
for Sales Suites & Property Launch Events


Our interactive 3D site plans could transform the way you present your upcoming sites. If you develop houses or other sites that you need to present to potential buyers, investors or decision-makers, an interactive 3D site plan will make your job significantly easier.

This is a marriage of 3D modelling and computer gaming, where users can move around a 3D model of your development and explore it interactively, clicking on house types or key buildings to find out more about them. iCreate is leading the way with this new technology, making it easier for housebuilders and developers to present and promote their new sites to modern audiences.

A powerful addition to your sales suites, an impressive presentation tool, and a whole new way to engage with your potential buyers: an interactive 3D site plan is a small investment that will make a big difference to your ability to sell your vision.

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