Virtual Reality Experiences 
for Samsung Gear VR and other Platforms

Step into an immersive virtual model of your development

The first time you put on one of Samsung's new Gear VR headsets, the effect is mind-blowing.   You are instantly transported to another place that's so real you want to reach out and touch it.  Invite potential buyers to step into a virtual world, and let them experience your development by actually standing inside it.

An unforgettable experience for potential buyers at your launch and in your sales suite
  • The VR experience can be delivered via a Gear VR headset connected to a Samsung s6 / s7 phone
  • Google Cardboard is a low cost VR headset option that works with Android phones
  • For users without a headset, VR experiences are still pretty cool.  
  • 360-videos can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook (see below for an example).

The video below is a 3D 360 Video designed to be viewed on a VR headset.  If you're at your PC, try dragging your mouse across the video below for an idea of how these 360-videos work.  If you're viewing this on an iPhone or similar device, click here to view the video directly on Youtube.  Here, you can simply move your phone around to view different parts of the panorama.  If you're viewing on a VR enabled phone such as the Samsung S7, or if you've got Google Cardboard for your Android phone, you'll be offered the option to view the video inside your VR headset.

And it needn't be complicated.  We create the fully landscaped 3D site model from your CAD plans - this is the same 3D model we'll be using to produce all your CGIs, as well as any traditional 'flythroughs' you may require, so it's of course most cost-effective if you get the full package from us.  To create the 360VR experiences, we position our camera at appropriate points around your site, and generate photorealistic, stereoscopic, spherical images ready for viewing on the Gear headset and uploading to YouTube and Facebook.  We can also include any labels, branding or information panels within the virtual world, so your VR experience is a self-contained sales tool - a VR brochure.

We'll make it easy for you to pioneer the use of VR technology in your marketplace - just give us a call or drop us an email to get started.

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