Interactive 3D Presentations
Bespoke 3D Applications to communicate your development vision

At iCreate, we deliver dynamic interactive 3D presentations to clients in all sectors, putting our 3D modelling expertise to work and creating exciting, innovative visual applications.  Whether you need to present to customers, investors or the general public, an Interactive 3D presentation from iCreate is the most powerful communication tool there is.

The Virtual World of Corporate Presentations

Imagine a virtual world, populated with your products, services, and information.  Your customers can move around it, exploring "the world of you", and click on any item to find out all about it.  

  • It might be a fictional globe populated with your offices all over the world
  • It might be your factory, in 3D virtual reality, available for customers to explore and see exactly what you do
  • It might be a typical house, on a typical street, in typical town - with your products everywhere you look.

Whether they download your app, or play with an iPad at your next exhibition, everyone's got a fun, intutive, engaging way to get to know you and the information you want to share.

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