3D Mobile Apps from iCreate 
Interactive Virtual Worlds at your Fingertips

An Android/iOS App offers an unprecedented opportunity for organisations to put their information at the fingertips of a modern, global audience.  In the UK alone, there are 24 million smartphone users, representing 30 percent of the population.  At iCreate, we've developed unique technology to publish interactive, engaging 3D models and virtual worlds on this game-changing platform

It's no ordinary App, and it's designed for property marketing:
  • Interactive building models for Real Estate Marketing
  • 3D Brochure Apps for Housebuilders and Developers
  • Engaging Virtual Worlds for Corporate Presentations
  • Navigation Apps for campuses. theme parks, hospitals...

...we'll deliver 3D content direct to the fingertips of a vast audience by publishing an App for smart phones and tablet devices.  We specialise in cutting-edge apps for the property sector, but we also create engaging fictional virtual worlds for creative marketers.  

And it needn't be complicated - we'll show you how an app is structured, plan it all out for you, and then build it all into a one-of-a-kind animated 3D app.  Why not start by downloading the iCreate App to try out our free 3D demos.

Our new Augmented Reality applications are perfect for location-based content, training applications and amazing marketing presentations. 

Watch the video to see how it works.  Your audience downloads your app, then simply points their device (smart phone or tablet) at a specific object or viewpoint to see the virtual reality 3D model overlaid onto the real scene. We've got lots of creative ideas for using augmented reality presentations in new and exciting ways to market and present new developments... we're sure you have too!  Talk to us today to get things started.

Bespoke Marketing Apps for the Global Property Sector

Now you really can put your purchasers right inside your development long before it exists.  We'll create a convenient, compelling, amazing 3D brochure, featuring an interactive 3D model of your new development - and it's almost as easy as creating a beautiful 3D flythrough.  

  • You tell us exactly how all the buildings should look - inside and out
  • We create detailed, fully rendered 3D scenes
  • We create avatars, set up interactive cameras - it's like making your development into a high end computer game
  • We add in all the information from your sales brochure - floorplans, dimensions, location maps, written information.

And - through a stunning app for the iPad, the iPhone and all Android devices - you can present your vision to a global audience.

The Virtual World of Corporate Presentations

Imagine a virtual world, populated with your products, services, and information.  Your customers can move around it, exploring "the world of you", and click on any item to find out all about it.  

  • It might be a fictional globe populated with your offices all over the world
  • It might be your factory, in 3D virtual reality, available for customers to explore and see exactly what you do
  • It might be a typical house, on a typical street, in typical town - with your products everywhere you look.

Whether they download your app, or play with an iPad at your next exhibition, everyone's got a fun, intutive, engaging way to get to know you and the information you want to share.

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