Interactive 3D Masterplans
Bespoke 3D Applications to communicate your development vision

At iCreate, we turn complex masterplans into dynamic interactive 3D maps that make it easy for users to visualise the proposals and explore your vision.  Whether you need to present your masterplan to planners, investors or the general public, an Interactive 3D Masterplan from iCreate is the most powerful communication tool there is.

Dynamic 3D Masterplans for:
  • New developments
  • Regeneration areas
  • Economic zones
  • University campuses
  • Town centres
  • Large mixed use schemes
  • New towns and cities

Whatever the project, our 3D Masterplans help our clients attract investors, promote development opportunities and engage whole communities in the vision for their areas.

An interactive 3D Masterplan is perfect for display at events and exhibitions via video walls or large touchscreens. We can also deliver it direct to the fingertips of a vast audience by publishing an App for smart phones and tablet devices.

This is what we'll do for your Master Plan:
  • We model all buildings – existing and proposed - to the required level of detail
  • We create lifelike 3D landscaping for all green spaces
  • We add vehicles to the roads and trains to the railways
  • We create multiple models so you can present a range of development options
  • We overlay smart maps which can be turned on or off to show land uses, labels, 2D plans etc
  • We embed text, links, images and videos, linked to from clickable hotspots in the 3D model
  • We create a bespoke menu system so your users can navigate your masterplan effectively
  • We create 3D flythroughs of the masterplan, with voiceovers, for DVD, YouTube etc
  • We provide high res images of the 3D model for all your communication materials
  • We publish your Interactive 3D Masterplan for the web, PC, Mac and iOS/Android Apps
Our offering is unique. This makes us the ideal partner for making your vision into a 3D App.

Apps may be the next big thing, but rest assured, we've been doing this sort of thing for years. At iCreate, we've been working with local authorities, governments, developers and landowners for 10 years, creating 3D maps of regeneration areas and development zones, as well as detailed CGIs of new buildings and redeveloped street scenes.

For the last 5 years, we've been at the cutting edge of Interactive 3D, developing new ways to publish and present 3D models of developments and masterplans.  And now we're making 3D Apps for smart phones and tablets, opening up our touchscreen technology to millions of users all over the world.

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