3D Presentations for PCs and Laptops: 
Interactive Applications for Online and Offline Use

Whether you want to make your interactive presentation available for download, display it within a web browser, or install it directly onto a PC or laptop, we can help.  A bespoke desktop application will work across Mac and Windows platforms, enabling all users to interact with our high quality 3D models.  And because they're based on powerful 3D gaming infrastructure, there's no need for any specialist software or hardware to run our applications.

  • Step 1 - we build a realistic, detailed, fully rendered 3D environment.
  • Step 2 - we embed highlights, pop-up labels and information for training or marketing purposes.
  • Step 3 - we publish an interactive application for download, web browsers and full installation on any PC or Mac.
  • Step 4 - your users simply run the application to explore, learn or present your content in a dyamic 3D way.
The perfect solution - whatever content you need to present:
  • Specialist training software built around an interactive 3D environment
  • Dynamic interactive presentations for meetings and events
  • Advanced property marketing presentations
  • Interactive 3D Masterplans and Maps
  • Interactive walkthroughs and virtual tours of new buildings

Our approach is completely bespoke to the needs of each project, and we work with all types of business and organisation.  If you're looking for a flexible, visual way to present your information, we'd love to discuss some ideas.  And by choosing iCreate, you'll not only be able to publish a fully-featured desktop application, but also an app for iOS and Android devices, and a large format touchscreen version for events and exhibitions.

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