Visual Concepts and 3D Masterplans for Regeneration

Over the past ten years, iCreate has been working with local authorities, regeneration agencies and urban scale developers throughout the UK and around the world.

If you need to present a vision of how your area could look in five, ten or twenty years time, our visual concepts and 3D masterplans will help you do just that.  We work from your plans, sketches and precedent images to develop imagery that will capture the imagination of local people, inspire confidence in your proposals, and help you to attract inward investment.

Visual Concepts - Realistic or Impressionistic CGIs of new public spaces
3D Masterplans - Aerial images of new developments in the context of existing locations
Flythroughs - 3D animations around key development sites
Interactive Maps - Dynamic 3D masterplans for touchscreens, websites and mobile apps

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Renderings Concepts 3D

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Masterplan Overview Renders

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Exterior Marina Development

3D Terrain Models

Using Height Data and High Resolution Aerial Photography

At iCreate we are pioneers of a new approach to 3D architectural visualisation. By sourcing detailed aerial topographical data and high resolution aerial photography, we are able to create an accurate 3D model of the terrain surrounding your proposed new development. Height data is available in varying degrees of accuracy for the whole of the UK - accurate to as little as +/-15mm .

The terrain model can be as extensive as required - just the immediate 250 metres-square, or several kilometres of surrounding landscape. This means that your proposed new development can be shown in its context for the purpose of reliable aerial views and 'helicopter-style' flyaround animations.

The fact that the topography of the surrounding landscape is accurately represented has other benefits, enabling Planning Officers to view the development in relation to surrounding hills and valleys and other features on the landscape.

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Bath House Farm Master Plan Visuals

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