CGIs and Photomontages for Planning

Photomontage involves merging a photograph with a computer generated image (CGI) to create a perspective that shows a new building in the context of its surroundings. We begin by creating a 3D model of the building from the CAD drawings, complete with photo-realistic surface materials and landscaping.

We then output a CGI of the building from the right camera angle to match the base photograph of the existing site. Where necessary we can clean up the original base photograph to remove unwanted elements and cheer up the scene.

Next, we overlay the CGI onto the photo to create a seamless photomontage view that helps Planning committees, and others, to understand how the proposed development will impact upon its surroundings.

Exterior montages

This is an ideal technique for creating credible street scene images of a new development, but it equally helpful for master planning. We can source high resolution satellite photography of a proposed site, and merge our 3D virtual model into this, effectively showing how the development will impact upon the surrounding landscape and allowing people to understand the extent and location of a new scheme.

We can also provide Visually Verified Montages, or VVMs, to clients in the south Wales region, offering another level of accuracy and reliability by using GPS and surveying equipment to position the new development in its context.

Exterior montages

Exterior montages

Exterior Photomontages

At iCreate, we have been working with architects, planning consultants and their clients since 2003, using 3D to help sell new developments to planners and other decision-makers. The accurate and realistic photomontages, static renderings and animations we produce can be enhanced with dusk views, accurate shadow maps, verified view montages (VVMs), 3D terrain models, aerial viewpoints, before-after comparisons and much more. Other benefits of 3D include flexibility, realism, the ability to view the site from all angles and the ease of making revisions where necessary.

And emerging new technologies also offer great potential. iCreate's revolutionary iViewer 'realtime 3D' solution enables us to publish 3D models in an interactive format. This means the end user - you, the planners, the public - can navigate around the model in 3D space to view it from any angle, with no special hardware or software required. This is an immensely powerful presentation tool when it comes to negotiations with Planning Officers and presenting schemes for public consultation.

Accurate 3D Photomontages

Architectural Visualisation Service

3D Master Plan Visualisation

3D Photomontage Company

Whatever the project, and whatever the chosen approach, if you want to present a better vision to the planners and other key decision-makers, we would love to hear from you. Or use the link below to view our list of services.

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