3D Floor Plans Fully Furnished to your precise specification

Our fully-furnished 3D floor plans are created using your 2D floor plans as reference, to provide a ‘dolls house’ view into a new interior. 3D floor plans are more compelling than traditional flat plans, and enable potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space.

Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, 3D floor plans show the layout of an interior at a glance, and are perfect for use in brochures, websites and exhibition materials.

Depending on your requirements, we can work to varying levels of detail and 'bespokeness'.  Do you want to specify every fixture, fitting and furnishing?  If so, ask about our Gold Service.  Or do you just want to clarify the layout of the space, so you're happy for us to fit it out and furnish it from our library?  If that's the case, ask about our Silver or Bronze service levels.

3D Floor plans for Residential Properties

Homebuyers want to see detailed and accurate information about a new home, and also want to get a sense of how the interior space will feel. 2D floor plans seldom spark a buyer’s imagination, and do little to convey a sense of the lifestyle that buyers aspire to. Our fully-furnished 3D floor plans bring a new home to life, enabling buyers to see how they could use the space and picture themselves living there.

3D Floor plans for Commercial Properties

3D floor plans are an ideal way to provide a clear overview of a commercial or retail scheme, showing all the facilities on offer and presenting the overall layout of the space. Our 3D floor plans can be furnished with bespoke items of equipment and machinery if required, or we can use standard items from our extensive 3D model library. Our 3D floor plans can also be incorporated into interactive web modules, allowing users to click on each ‘room’ for further information about it.