3D Architectural Renderings for Architects and Developers

Present your upcoming developments with photorealistic 3D architectural renderings.  Whether for planning, marketing, tendering or sales, a set of 3D renderings will make your vision seem real and credible.

3D architectural rendering of UK childrens centre

3D Architectural Renderings bring 2D drawings and sketches to life in a realistic and accurate way, and inspire confidence in key decision-makers. 3D renderings offer numerous benefits to architects, property developers and planning consultants, including flexibility, realism, the ability to view the site from all angles and the ease of making revisions when necessary.

Architectural renderings are a powerful, visual way of presenting schemes for new developments to planning officers and potential buyers. If you are applying for planning permission, or hoping to sell ‘off plan’, 3D rendering technology will enable you to show people what your development will really look like when its completed.

3D architectural rendering of villa exterior

Our architectural rendering services are designed to meet the needs of architects, house builders, developers, planning consultants and property marketing agencies, and unlike some rendering companies we will be happy to provide straightforward, jargon-free advice if this is the first time you have commissioned computer generated architectural renderings.


External Architectural Renderings

At iCreate, our architectural renderings are highly realistic, fully detailed and totally convincing. Our clients find that 3d architectural rendering helps inspire confidence in a new development, and gives buyers the confidence they need to buy ‘off-plan’. We take your architects’ CAD plans as our starting point, and use these to construct accurate and detailed computer generated 3D models of the development.

3D renderings of contemporary architecture

Having constructed the 3D models, we apply realistic surface materials to the building to ensure that our 3D renderings are as lifelike as possible. The nature of 3D rendering means that it is easy to change the surface materials whenever required, so you can see what the development will look like using a range of different building materials, helping to inform the decision-making process.

We will also create 3D renderings of the whole site around a new building, including landscaping, parking areas and other structures, so that viewers can see your vision for the area, rather than just a muddy building site. To ensure the accuracy of our 3D CAD renderings we use topographical surveys and site plans to establish actual slab heights and roof lines, overcoming many common obstacles to securing planning permission.

Once the detailed 3D model is fully textured with the right materials, and positioned correctly within the site, we can create as many static renderings from as many different angles as you need, plus 3D animated rotations around the building, and fly-arounds of the site. This makes 3D architectural renderings cost effective when compared to 2D watercolour rendering services.

Another reason that 3D architectural renderings can be such a cost effective solution is that they are multi-purpose. The 3D renderings that we produce for submission in support of a planning application can also be used once permission has been secured, for the purposes of marketing and sales. For this, we will add a higher level of aesthetic detail to the architectural renderings, such as people on the balconies, cars in the driveways, attractive planting and landscaped gardens, all of which help to create powerful selling visuals that inspire confidence and desire in potential buyers.

And we recommend that our clients make optimum use of the architectural renderings that we deliver, using them for site signage, printed brochures, websites, apps – we don’t place any restriction on how often you use and reproduce our 3D renderings because our core objective is the same as yours: selling the property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What about 2D Watercolour Renderings?

If you have ever commissioned watercolour renderings of new developments you will be aware of some of the limitations of this ‘2-dimensional’ approach to architectural pre-visualisation. Firstly, the images are not particularly ‘realistic’, and are therefore not very convincing. Secondly, if the planning officers ask you to make revisions to the scheme, your watercolour artist will usually have to start from scratch to create new visuals. And thirdly, you are limited to seeing just one view of the development at a time, and in the form of a static image rather than a fly-around animation.

Internal 3D Renderings

Alongside our external architectural renderings we offer high-end interior rendering services to enable you to show potential buyers around a new development, long before you have a ‘show home’ ready for viewings.

3D architectural renderings of interiors