Exterior 3D Flythroughs

Take viewers on a journey of discovery around a new development, to highlight all the benefits on offer.  Exterior flythroughs provide a 'fly-around' virtual tour of the site and the external aspects of a new development, featuring realistic landscaping, moving transportation, and views of surrounding areas.

Using your architectural drawings, we construct an accurate and detailed 3D virtual model of the new development, complete with realistic surface materials and attractive landscaping to match your specifications. Any parking areas, roads, gardens and seating areas can be incorporated into the model, while planting, people and transport add life to the scene, ensuring the virtual model provides a full impression of the completed site.

Having completed the 3D model, we outline a ‘camera path’ around the model to define the route of the virtual tour according to your preferences. In addition, we are usually able to provide a set of static images of the development exterior, using the same virtual model. 

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