3D Masterplans

iCreate is an experienced provider of 3D imagery to present masterplans and proposals for large scale developments, working with planners, developers and architects to ensure that proposals are reliably interpreted to provide a clear overview.

3D masterplans are created from outline information available in the early stages of a project, to provide a visual overview of proposed new developments.  The imagery often takes the form of extended aerial views with proposed buildings shown in low architectural detail for indicative purposes only.

We also work with government and regeneration agencies to visualise concepts for regeneration in the early stages of a project, even before architectural plans exist.

3d masterplans

3D Masterplans and Concepts for Urban Regeneration

3D modeling is the ideal tool for visualizing large-scale developments and regeneration projects, providing an overview of a new scheme which can then be viewed from any angle. High levels of detail can be applied to specific areas of the model, while other areas can be left deliberately vague. We can work from detailed drawings or from rough concept sketches, depending on what you have available. We can produce"photorealistic" modeling to overlay onto aerial photography, or "stylised" masterplans that illustrate a design concept.

3D visualisation can be a useful discussion and consultation aid for public organizations. We work hard to facilitate multiple parties having input during the design / modeling process, and we have a range of service options available to cover ongoing amendments and revisions, ensuring you and your team can be as involved in the process as you wish. We will of course be happy to meet with you to discuss the requirements of your project and make recommendations accordingly.