3D Architectural Animations

3D architectural animations are one of the most powerful communication tools in a developer's armoury, bringing new architecture to life before it's built so that everyone can appreciate the vision for a proposed development.  Architectural animations can also present the processes taking place within a particular building - a manufacturing pipeline or visitor experience - where the animation needs to tell a story, not just present a 3D building.

3D Flythroughs and 3D Walkthroughs

Most often referred to as 3D Flythroughs, 3D flyovers and 3D walkthroughs, an architectural animation might include external views and interior tours, as well as aerial views showing a new development in the context of its location.

Architectural animations are created by modelling new buildings and development sites in our 3D software, to create a detailed and photorealistic 3D scene. We then move the virtual camera through this scene, for close-up views, aerial perspectives and cut shots - whatever works best to tell your story. We can produce as much animation as is required, as well as static images, from the same models. We usually suggest limiting a 3D flythrough to between 1 minute and 3 minutes - but some projects require more.


Conceptual Flythroughs

For most marketing and presentation purposes, our photorealistic architectural animations are the best way to make a great impression on your audiences. However, we are often asked about creating 3D flythroughs of architectural concepts and masterplans, where the requirement is for a lower level of detail and realism, and where the purpose is to provide a conceptual overview. In this scenario, we can work from basic sketches and maps, rather than requiring a full set of detailed architectural drawings.

3D Animation Prices

iCreate is a 3D animation studio based in the UK, working with companies around the UK and across the world. We have been providing 3D animation services since 2003. For architectural animation and flythrough prices, we would ideally want to receive a set of architectural drawings showing us the size and layout of the various spaces that require 3D modelling. Our 3D animation prices are based on the time it will take to create the 3D models. The duration of the flythrough is a factor in working out the cost, but mainly our pricing will depend on the size, number and complexity of the 3D spaces. Bear in mind that longer 3D animations require longer rendering times and this affects the turnaround time. For a fixed price quotation for your projects, please send your plans to our 3D pricing team.

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